Wednesday, January 8, 2014

by Katelynn Lewallen

Two days ago an artistic summer-camp for Christian children called King's Kids began here at the YWAM base in Belo Horizonte. Our C/DTS are counselors for it and we honestly make up more than half of the staff actually. 
The first day was spent registering children and moving them into their rooms which was an adventure in itself. Not only did we have to fit six-plus mattresses in the rooms, but we also had to fit the girls' luggage and they were basically the size of beds too. None of the girls seemed to speak much English so it was hard helping them adjust and solving their problems. 
I went to bed that first night at midnight or possibly even later because the bathrooms were a zoo. The next morning, since I am a counselor, I decided to get up earlier than wake-up time which is at seven-thirty. 
Amazingly enough, I was not the first one up like I thought I would be. Many of the girls were up primping and prepping like a beauty pageant. It dawned on me that these princesses were going to have their tiaras taken off real quick because there is just NOT time in the schedule for that. They were sacrificing energy and rest for beauty! They were going to be SO tired later considering lights-out is at eleven which means they only get eightish hours of sleep for a thirteenish hour day. However, throughout the day, the girls really softened up and relaxed more. They seemed to realize that nobody here is going to judge OR reject them based on their image. By the end of the day, more than half of the girls were wearing comfy-clothing and being more genuine. Then the next morning, only a couple were up before wake-up time.