Tuesday, January 7, 2014

by Tai Weedon We went out to do street ministry on Thursday and the atmosphere nearly took me out. I was not prepared for what I encountered. It wasn't just the despair of the children, men, and women of the street. It was how I still related to these people. The memories of things seen and impressions made upon my childhood that I had not dealt with overwhelmed me. I began to retreat inward and wondered what I was thinking to want to do this. 
Inside my head, I prayed to God: "I am not ready for this. I think I made a mistake. I am just going to go back home and serve in my church. I am not ready for missions." 
When it was nearing our time to leave, Talitha turned around and asked if she could give her 'gospel' bracelet to a middle-aged woman who was sitting about four feet away from the crowd. She had sat there almost immediately after we arrived. Although she did look older, she had pretty tan skin with short curly hair dyed blonde and bright orange/yellowish hazel eyes. She was wearing all white and by all accounts looked like a very sophisticated woman. 
Most people did not realize that she was homeless. She was very closed off and did not want to join the group. We walked over to her with an interpreter expecting to make the drop and leave. When she learned what the bracelet meant, she gladly accepted while tearing up and thanking us. She then turned to me, looked me straight in the eyes and said: "Please don't stop doing missions! There is so much despair out here! We need missionaries! Please don't stop doing missions!" 
I prayed for her. Then I felt really impressed by God to give her a word of prophesy breaking off shame and condemnation and told her that God was not mad at her. Afterwards I shared some things about the Father heart of God and she bawled. We learned she had just recommitted her life to Christ with Savanna. She told us that she was a homeless drug-addicted prostitute. However in my eyes, she was an angel sent by God! We hugged and she finally joined the group.