Monday, January 13, 2014

Watch a video Slideshow of our King's Kids camp

 by Katelynn Lewallen

Last night we took the campers off the base on their very first outreach. We went to a Presbyterian church and did our program there. The program consisted of four songs and two skits which included our God of Wonders song and the Good Samaritan skit.

See the video of the skit.

The campers beforehand were rather scared of going out, but the familiarity of the church atmosphere really seemed to calm them. Throughout the night, the joy in their faces and mannerisms kept seeming to increase. 
We had to introduce ourselves to the congregation before we started the program. Jeremiah, Liz, David, and Brittaney all introduced themselves in Portuguese which the campers especially loved. 
Henry, Joey, Kalib, Savanna, David, and Jeremiah were also involved in many of the King's Kids songs and skits. Henry did wonderful at his solo where he played David in one of the songs and Joey did great at facial expressions. Kalib knew all the moves to all the dances he was in. Savanna, David, and Jeremiah were very on point with the routines. God of Wonders and Good Samaritan came together beautifully, even though we haven't really used them for this whole outreach until now. 
The congregation and campers really seemed to enjoy the light-heartedness of the skits because many of the King's Kids songs/skits are quite intense. Afterwards, the church provided snacks and soda which really pleased the campers who were hungry after perfoming. It was also a good time of fellowship with the congregation. There were many of the C/DTS who were trying to have conversations with the Brazilians and learn Portuguese from them. Based on the success of this night, I feel as if the rest of the outreach with the campers will go well and have a powerful impact on people.