Wednesday, January 15, 2014

by Katelynn Lewallen
So yesterday the King's Kids campers/staff and our C/DTS went out for another night outreach. This time they split into groups and went on a prayer walk around the neighborhood. Afterwards they met up at the local park and read the Bible aloud or conversed with people spending time there. 
Before all of this Angel prayed to meet somebody who she could have a conversation with, but of course she thought that would be near impossible because the language spoken here is Portuguese,and she only speaks English.  When she arrived at the park with her toddler Gabriel, she let him go play with some of the children there. Then she started reading the Bible aloud on her own while keeping an eye on him. 
There was one boy playing with Gabriel that caught her attention. This child ran over to his mom and told her that Angel was speaking in English. Of course the only reason why Angel was able to know this is because the boy himself was speaking in English. If that wasn't enough of a surprise for her, the mother beckoned her over and started talking to her in PERFECT English. Come to find out, the mother and child had actually lived in Massachusetts for a few years. 
She was timid at first with her English, but after only a short while became very comfortable speaking to Angel. They had much to talk about since they are both mothers and the mother of the boy hasn't been to America recently so she wanted to hear all about it from Angel. This is just a testimony to how God will answer prayers!