Tuesday, January 7, 2014

by Lillian 

The base we live at now have a great view. When your on the roof you have a 360 degree angle - and we are surrounded by volcanos. It is so beautiful! 

"agua" Volcano

Brad taking a selfie on the roof
Ariana at the rooftop
Vulkanen Fuego gir ut litt røyk i ny og ne :) The volcano Fuego spits out some smoke now and then

Here the other day I was talking to Zane (3) And I showed him the photo that is right under here, of him and Ariana. He said "I want to send this picture to my grandma." I answered: "Yes, you can do that. Are you going to tell her that she is your future wife?" Zane: "yes." Shawn(his mom) : "Well there you go!" I started laughing and asked Shawn: "What if that really happens! Can I come in the wedding then?" Shawn just laughed, but Zane answered:"Yes you can come. You can come in the wedding. Let's have it right here!" 

Ariana and Zane - sooooo cute !!!!

David, praising the Lord by handing out food to poor people

Heaven ready for the caroling

Stian - responsible for the music during the caroling

So, this couple were out taking their wedding photos - and when they saw us, they wanted to have photos with us, while singing ! 

Stian is doing some magic for the kids. they were so excited!
 A typical house in one village vi visited. 
On our way to hand out food on the dump - where a lot of people live

David handing out lunch to the kids
Alberto y yo

Zaden + piñata!

Stian og Brad hadde et trylleshow for barna på Village of Hope :) Stian and Brad doing a magicshow for the Kids at Village of hope

"The newly weds" ;) 

Mom and daughter love... 

I love this girl!

We have had many great days here in Antigua - and the days are fully packed, so I do not have a lot of time for blogging. But I hope this pictures gave you an impression of what we get to be a part of! Happy new year everyone !! 

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