Tuesday, January 14, 2014

by Eric Weedon

Coming from 3 months of training, about 2 months in the field and seeing a lot of headings in my lifetime, I knew that God would work in a mighty and powerful way. So when people were being delivered, I celebrated with them because I knew that God was Almighty and powerful. 
What has been the most shocking part of the trip was yesterday when the Director of the King's Kids Camp asked the students to take a few moments and compose a song. Timothy came up to me and ask if he and Dougie could play a song. In my mind I said no (which would have been a big mistake) because all I have ever heard them play was rock style music. 
I said yes, thinking that it would be one of my favorite instrumental songs that they had created. When they came down, and got on stage I was shocked when Dougie asked for a microphone. I thought, why does he need a mic when he does not sing. --Oh no-- what if he sings screamo or something. To my surprise he sang a slower song (not rock) that he wrote with Timothy, who played the Bongos. 
The look on my face in the pictures is one of bewilderment because I have never heard him play a soft song, let alone sing. I was too stunned to even think about recording it! The song was so beautifully written and made me a proud papa of both of them!! I love all my kids, God has blessed them with so much talent.