Wednesday, December 11, 2013

by Lillian
Lots of kidzzz

We are back in Guatemala City after one week with VBS for 150-200 children in a little village close to Zaragosa. The name of the village is Puerto Abajo and about 600 people are living there. It's been an impactful week with lots of challenges but also a lot of joy. I among many others on our team became very sick and I had to lay in bed for two days. I think about 10 people on our team has been ill :S but we did have a good time anyways. 
Zaragoza is west of Guatemala City in the department of Chimaltenango

Working with a Faithful Ministry in Zaragoza

Mayra and Sandra :-) 
The reason the VBS was arranged in this village was because of Mayra and her family. Through Mayra's son who used to be a doctor in the village, they got in contact with Francisco and his family. They are very poor, and Mayra started to visit them often to help them out. She also got in contact with more people in the village. They started bringing supplies of food and clothing to the people who needed it the most, and through a contact in the village they got a list of the poorest families. They visited them and started raising money to buy cooking-stoves for them. This type of stove only uses 3 logs a day and keeps the house warm while cooking. Normally people cook on a fireplace inside which causes respiratory problems. Now they have a list of 35 persons they will try to help get a stove. They truly show God's love to this village through not only words, but also actions - and our DTS team were so blessed to be a part of this ministry's first VBS !
I am blown away by the work Mayra and her family are doing- so much in so short time with few people ! now they have their little church also on their team, so that's awesome. Join in with prayer for the ministry! it has everlasting value !! 

We are teaching the kids to dance "God of wonders"

VBS leads to an opportunity for Salvation of family members

The days consisted of singing, dancing, games, Bible histories through movies, crafts, football, Stian's magic tricks and lunch. In the afternoons we went on house visits. Many had very poor houses, it was sad to see. Everyone was so happy to have people come and visit and they were so proud of their homes no matter how little they had. On me and Stian's last house visit on Friday we so very blessed. It was us and two other women from our leader group who visited together. The reason we went to that house was because their son had gone to VBS and he totally loved it. He told his mom about it every day, and we got to come and meet his mom and two sisters. Long story short - we stayed with them for a long time and introduced them to Jesus. They prayed for Jesus to come into their hearts - and they were really touched by God! it was incredible. We also got to pray for the one daughter who had been married for 6 years but had no kids. She really wanted children and while we prayed she felt the Holy Spirit and something moving in her stomach. she just cried, but was so happy for us to be there. We gave them a Bible - and promised that Mayra and her team will keep in contact with them - and so will we try to do through letters. 

Me and Stian with the family who became christians :) we will keep in contact with them, and Mayra is going back there very week :-) 

One kitchen

Heaven got the great job of writing names on 150 water bottles! 

My "hat-friend" and I :-) 

This is the boy it all started with. Francisco. 

Dulce - she is as sweet as dulce ! 

Zane - I love this guy. 

Joy with Elijah on her back. All the kids loves the gringo-kids on our team. 

Me and my new friends

I became real good friends with this little guy. He reminds me so much of Sam in Lord of the rings. 

Shantel and Ariana surrounded by VBS children

Shawn and dave - cuties. this link goes to their blog :

Cute Elijah  :) Mike and Joy's son (our leaders) 

EVERYONE wanted to touch Ariana and her light hair- something that can be very annoying. But that girl has got some attitude - so she just hit them and yelled. Her father Brad finally learned to say "no le gusta" (she doesn't like it) so then things got a little better ;)  

I think Jake misses his daughters, cause he found one girl with black hair and one with brown just like Juli and Kiera.
Now we miss Jake - cause he left us the third day to go to Antigua - and then back to California :( 

Dave with his puppet and some cute kids. 

Me and my friend Julianna

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