Friday, December 6, 2013

Eric Weedon

Today we went to visit a ministry about an hour away who focused on the children in their surrounding area. After checking in at the home, Jamie Bansen, myself, Pedro (our translator), and my kids walked down to the soccer field. Upon reaching the soccer field, we saw a big group of children playing and having fun while running on the field. Different thoughts ran through our head such as: "Why are we here, what are we going to do, that field is so big I would be only able to run down it once..." Pedro walks up to one of the group leaders and starts telling him who we are. Then the leader turned around and signaled to the kids to take a seat at one of the benches.

The Intro
We walked in the side gate and all eyes were on us. Pedro spoke to the leader again and gave us the signal to introduce ourselves. However, in addition to a simple introduction, it was announced to the kids that we came to talk with them us well. Jamie and I starred at each other saying: “ What??? We thought that we were here to play some soccer not speak!” After our introduction, Jamie got the great idea to have the kids say their name and ages, thus giving us time to think. After they were done, and panic entered our hearts again, Jamie stepped up to give his testimony. Then in my mind I got the story of Kind David in to speak as well.

The Talk
Jamie gave a really brief testimony about how God saved him. However Pedro asked him to say more so then he went into further detail and began to captivate his audience. Afterwards they started to ask Jamie more about his life and the ice was broken. Then I stepped up and discussed King David, how he was overlooked but later God still used him. I told the kids that they all are kings and not to let their current circumstances dictate the outcome of their future.

The Play
Then they got up and kids began to hang from my arms. Afterwards I picked them up and threw them in the air. Finally all of the kids started jumping into me trying to knock me down. Joy and excitement started filling my heart as I was actually having fun with these kids. I looked around and my boys were playing with them as well. Next it was time to play soccer so they asked for me and Jamie to play as well. Then our hearts belonged to them!!!

The guy in charge of the kids signaled that the day was over. Jamie and I were not ready to be done. What really got to us was the sadness on their faces, especially since some of the kids ran up to us wanting us to sign their shirts. They did not want to leave and neither did we. They followed us off the soccer field, through the fence, trying to communicate and talk with us. They even walked with us to the end of the road, still trying to communicate with us. On the way back up to the house, Jamie and I still could not believe that it was over.

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