Sunday, December 15, 2013

by Katelynn Lewallen

Yesterday our C/DTS went to a church service at night. We led the worship service, gave a testimony, and delivered a message. However we did not lead a Sunday School, well we weren't supposed to anyway. Working with kids is my favorite part of outreach so I asked the Sunday School teacher (Kyla) if she needed help. She told me that I just needed to watch the kids and keep them in line. Figuring that would be easy enough, I agreed. The class started and she asked me to open the time in prayer so I did. Then she informed the class, and me at the same time, that I would be teaching them that day. I had no bible. I had no children's book. I had no lesson plan. Sending a quick prayer to God, I started teaching them about Noah's ark because I had seen Michael do that the previous week. Once that was finished, she asked me to tell another story. The story of Jonah and the big fish popped into my head, but I figured that'd be too scary for some of the younger kids. So I turned to my translator (Paulino) and asked him if he knew a story I could tell. He confirmed the Jonah story without me even telling him that I had that idea so I just went for it. Afterwards all the kids drew me pictures of rainbows and gave me hugs. It was so heart-warming and made me really glad that I volunteered.