Monday, November 25, 2013

by Eric

We went to the park today by a church we attended for some street ministry. These kids saw us setting up and decided to come over to watch (so I thought). However, when the youth that we were with were setting up, these kids started jumping of the stage with the skateboards to do tricks. No one got mad or upset, they just let them do their thing until it was time to start. 
My boys were watching them and cheered them on when they successfully did a trick. When the ministry kids started to do their dance, these kids began making fun of them. During the first routine the sound went out in the system. So Dougie and Timothy went over them and started to try to speak with them. Most of the kids here only speak Portuguese and do not understand English, so some of the ministry kids joined them (they do not understand English that well either). Next thing we knew, Dougie and Timothy were riding their skateboards. Then the sound came back up and the show continued. Now these kids were paying attention. Dougie and Timothy were sitting with them trying to communicate. These kids clapped after every routine. Afterwards the ministry youth handed out bracelets and all of the boys put them on. Then the ministry kids were inviting these skater kids to the church. I felt the Lord telling me to pray over them. So I joined them (I was able to joke around with them earlier) and ask them if I could pray for them. They said yes so we got a translator to translate what I said. I mean we are literally in the hood and these kids were so polite. After a short prayer and shook their hands and hugged them goodbye. After I left I saw the ministry kids still speaking for them. I just pray that God continue to watch over these kids. I feel the urge to continue praying for them. God is so awesome!!!

Eric and his family are students in the Crossroads DTS, and are on outreach in Sao Paolo, Brazil.