Wednesday, November 27, 2013

by Debi
The entire flight to Brazil went well. We were expecting hot and humid and it has been rainy and chilly.
Today is Wednesday and its the first day that we've had sunshine. Pretty soon we will be complaining that it is hot and humid :)

The base itself is beautiful and tranquil also old and historical. The surrounding area is not so nice or safe. They have a duck pond here on base and one of the first things that happened was Katie (hereafter known as Katelynn) fell in while trying to keep one of the children safe. It was quite funny.  Unfortunately her only jacket got soaked and it was cold and wet the first 3 days.
On Sunday we took a one hour bus ride to the Presbyterian Hope Church. We spent the whole day with the church and the church members, they fed us twice and treated us like royalty. Several of us participated in the services and were also able to give our testimony.
Yesterday we went to a homeless shelter called CENA. We were able to feed and pray with a hundred and fifty homeless,drug addicts, alcoholics, transvestites and homosexuals. They have a 3 part program, they Rescue, they take them to the FARM where they recover and grow their own food then they teach them how to Integrate back into society. We also got to visit the nursery where they keep the children ages 2 through 6 while the parents are going through the integration part of the program.

Thank you to everyone for all of your prayers.