Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nicaragua passed in a blink, but we were so thankful to stop there and bless the ministry of JUCUM and staff there. The location is gorgeous! The first morning after we arrived we cleared out the gardens because there was going to be a wedding there. :) The JUCUM base also functions as a school, and it was cool to see the long term work the base is having in the community with the children. We had a children's ministry time with them and played soccer in the spacious fields.

Our favorite memory as a team in Nicaragua was definitely the night God miraculously gave us rain. It had not rained in Nicaragua for almost two months, the same type of drought that our team had entered in Guatemala. It was ridiculously hot, and Trevor, Alicia, Josh, Camilo, and Katie began to earnestly pray for rain. All of a sudden, dark clouds began to build and rush in closer. They continued to pray, and ten minutes, rain started to flood down! Our team excitedly ran outside and rejoiced in the rain dancing and singing for a half hour. (We've also renamed ourselves Team Agua.) It poured so hard, the power went out for the entire night, and we huddled around an iPod under the roof for hours and had a deep, powerful worship time with The Lord. This was one of the highlighted times on our trip that The Lord really spoke and we enjoyed a special bond with each other.

Another unique opportunity we had was in the way our contacts commenced Sunday mornings. Our team split up into groups of to and visited individual homes to lead a Bible study with them! It was a little bit of a scary experience because we each had to step out of our comfort zone and fully lead or translate, but the Lord gave us all courage and words. Overall, we loved meeting great friends on the staff there and getting to see how God is blessing Nicaragua!