Monday, May 20, 2013

By Lawrencia

The first day we did door to door evangelism in Waxma was really exciting. I was partnered with Clifford, and we weren't sure which house to stop at first. We walked down the street for maybe five minutes until we both passed a house and felt like we should stop and say hello. So we stopped at the house and as we begun speaking with the woman who lived there, I asked her about her family and she told me that she had four daughters but she wasn't married. This is significant because in Chico, before we left for outreach, we all drew pictures of our families and wrote encouraging words on the back. The plan was that when we met someone on outreach with a family likes ours, we would give them the picture and pray for them. As soon as she told me she didn't have any sons, I wanted to jump up and down, (I have three sisters and no brothers) but instead Clifford and I used that energy to walk back to the house where we were staying so I could get the drawing, and prayed with her before blessing her family. She smiled and nodded as she gave thanks, but I felt like I was the one that was being blessed to be a part of sharing the plans of God's immense love for this woman.