Wednesday, December 5, 2012

photo by MRichard52
by Erin 

ANTIGUA, GUATEMALA: Our team visited a hospital in Antigua this week called HermanoPedro We spent time loving women and children with special needs.  John brought his guitar and we also brought the hand puppets, so we could play music and be silly with our new friends at Hermano Pedro.  After all, laughter is good medicine!  Most of our team members got to do some manual labor at a wheelchair factory called Hope Haven This factory retrofits wheelchairs for underdeveloped nations, mostly in Central and South America Part of our team sorted and reorganized vinyl and upholstery material for wheelchair cushions and other team members sorted wheelchair parts and assembled an industrial shelving unit.  This past Saturday we held open-air meetings in our neighborhood and in town.  These are public meetings where we perform dramas and share testimonies.  Our prayer is that God brings people to these meetings who need to experience His love and that parts of our message connect with their hearts.