Saturday, December 29, 2012

Katharine and her puppet friend named Pedro
 Our team returned to Antigua after working in San Marcos on Thursday evening and by Saturday afternoon we were repacked and headed off to San Pedro for a week of ministry.  Pastor Antonio Moxnay greeted us and welcomed us into his home.  We were blessed by his family – his wife, Kata, and his children, Anita, Nancy, and Pedro.

San Pedro on Lake Atitlan

Pastor Antonio had lots for us to do while we where there.  We traveled to San Pablo to do Vacation Bible School at Pastor Antonio’s church for three afternoons and to lead a youth group meeting.  We got to lead a Sunday night church service.  At this service Katharine and Lisa shared their testimonies and Justin gave a message.  Lisa translated for our team that night and was awesome!  She was feeling sick that night and could feel her voice going hoarse.  Our team prayed for her to have strength and good health to make it through the service.  She was great as our translator and also had the strength to give her testimony in Spanish, which she has never done before.  Praise God for His strength and grace!  We also participated in the Tuesday night prayer meeting.  Joy and Erika really enjoyed the prayer meeting.  They were touched by the experience of praying with the church members and noticed the passion the people had as they cried out to God in prayer.  At the Thursday night church service we sang sixteen Christmas carols and Missy gave a message.

Back in San Pedro, where Pastor Antonio lives, we had the opportunity to spend time doing kids ministry near Pastor’s house.  Katharine loved this time with the kids.  She used puppets to connect with them.  She realized that loving the kids was so easy with the puppets – the language barrier was gone because it’s funny when a puppet tries to speak Spanish.  She could communicate through the puppet and not feel pressure to speak the language well.  We also made our radio debut while we were in San Pedro!  On Wednesday afternoon we sang Christmas carols and Pastor Antonio shared encouraging words during a live radio broadcast.  It was so fun!  Michelle helped us practice and we made a joyful noise to the Lord!

Pastor Antonio and Mette
We returned to Antigua in time to celebrate Christmas on the base.  We had a secret Santa gift swap and a delicious multi-cultural feast prepared by our teammates.  We used our leftovers to make two big batches of soup to distribute in Antigua and around the neighborhood.  We’ve had fun cooking over the last few days and being able to bless the families around us.  God has been so good to us here on outreach and we look forward to the last two weeks, anticipating many great things to come.  Thanks for praying for us – pray that the joy of the Lord will be our strength and that we will keep seeking His heart for direction as we plan the last weeks of ministry.


For Such A Time as This said...

I love hearing what God is doing with y'all! We bless you all as you love & serve His kids there in Guate. Prospero Año Nuevo!!!