Thursday, May 24, 2012

by Jarrett

To start off our stateside outreach, we got back together with Carlos and Regan from Chico and Jeremy from Sacramento. With all of us back together we brought excitement into the Dream Center, starting off the outreach in Sacramento full of joy. It wasn't too long before we got started with ministry Jeremy already prepared activities for us to do, like passing out flyer's and giving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the homeless with some other goodies including an encouraging Bible verse with a message of hope.

Jeremy gave us a large area to cover when we passed out flyer's for a fun day at the park for kids that was to happen soon and one that was for a big event in the future which took some time. When the time came for the day at the park many children came and we had fun with a water balloon toss, playing soccer, dancing to songs, and acted out a drama that shows how special we are to God. Later in the week, we continued to pass out flyer's for the big event that has bands, motor sports and a popular evangelist from Argentina, mainly at houses and apartments.

Later during the nights we would have a chance to go out and give to the homeless peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with encouraging words and other snacks to bless them. We also had a day searching for those who God wanted us to talk to that lead us to give more encouraging words to people all over the area. Some of us helped out with worship on Sunday as well as Sunday night when we led the base meeting with a drama explaining how loving God is, a few testimonies and a message from our teammates. Saying goodbye at the end of our stay, we left blessing them and went to San Francisco for our Urban Niko

The Urban Niko was a day out to really listen to God and let him guide our day, in San Francisco we all had a few testimonies that really left us in awe of what God does when we live our day with Him. My teammates and I were each given three dollars for the day to pray and see how God wanted us use this amount of money. We were set into smaller groups of three to hit San Francisco with the love of God. My group, which was Elise, Sarah, and I ran into many different people that were in need of donations so we were out of money and the thought of food came up really quickly. God pointed out a Filipino tourist who was at pier 39 and gave me the thought to ask around for five dollars to provide for our team. This tourist was very kind and gave us the money while someone, who looked like her daughter, took pictures of us and added us on Facebook. We then used the money to buy McDonald's from their dollar menu.

Carlos Mello also has a testimony to share: "My group was my sister Carol, Eli, and I. While walking for a while I got the sense that we would see Brazilians and that when we find them we should talk to them. Around thirty minutes later while crossing the street my sister heard Portuguese being spoken and turned around and shouted  "Brazilians" the two heard my sister and gave us their attention. Their names were Claudio and Virginia a couple who God wanted us to pray for. God helped me and in a minute I told them that we were in a missionary school and asked if we could pray for them. They said yes and we prayed for them and later on when we were debriefing I felt peace in my heart that God was going to do something amazing for this couple."