Saturday, April 21, 2012

by Jarrett

Everyone at the Medias base finished this Easter season with joy .  Our team and a few other staff members stayed in the base while the rest left for Easter vacation.  While we were here we took care of our own meals and kept the base clean.  We started the week preparing for our next ministry with the children, adding bracelets with the letters that spelled love on beads.  When the day came to go it started to rain and some of us stayed to make dinner while the rest of the team went to a village to share more love to the children.  The rain stopped for a while and some of the gypsy children from the neighborhood came and were able to get their faces painted.  The rain began to fall again and we decided to wait for better weather due to Estera's request.


 Eli painting the face of one of the kids

Later in the week as we were attending a youth group service at a nearby Baptist church Anna and Schayanne gave their testimonies after we sang songs praising God in Romanian.  Then Eli and Melia led worship, and after that, the base leader preached to these teens.  By this time the rain had stopped, and the next day we took a taxi to the city's entrance to pray.  Waiting to hear God's heart we prayed, made declarations and praised the Lord.  Then we left our spot and started to walk back in the direction we had come.  We continued to pray on our way back.

Anna was able to go to one of the poor areas in Medias and shares her experience:

"One of the ministries I got to be a part of while being here is going to a nearby village and work with gypsy kids.  As soon as I got out of the van, kids were running up to me and giving me hugs and asking me my name.  It was wonderful!  These kids were craving love and so I got to love on these kids for a couple of hours.  It was very sad to see the poor dirty place these kids are living in and that they aren't recieving the love and compassion that they need.  It was a great experience for me."  - Anna

Kids of the Gypsy Community

We are looking forward for next week.. God has great things for Medias!!!!!