Friday, April 27, 2012

Hello from Constanta, Romania!

We have been staying busy with children's ministry, sports ministry, evangelism, and work projects.  For this update, I thought I'd share ministry highlights from the team.

German shares, "My favorite ministry time was when we went to the "House of Joy" which is a church in a small village.  We went there to do kids ministry.  It was cool to get to help them with the ministry that they have among the village kids.  The best part with the kids was they wouldn't stop hugging us and we could see how happy they were.  After the time with the kids, Gabi, Caleb, and I went to a men's meeting in a very poor home.  We got to pray over a sick baby.  It was so cool that despite the circumstances, they still have faith that the baby can be healed."

Children at the House of Joy
Caleb shares, "Last week we had evangelism in the park.  I felt that I was to go give a word to a young man who was sitting on a park bench.  He didn't speak a lot of English, but I was able to communicate to him that God has great plans for his life.  He seemed to be very depressed and without hope.  Be praying for him. His name is Michael."
                                         Teaching kids at the House of Joy "Father Abraham"

Elise shares, "'It's been really cool getting to know the people here at the base.  The coffee shop has been a blessing for us to get to know some of the young people here in Constanta.  I've also loved getting to know the Gypsy kids at the park and play soccer (futbol) with them.  It's been amazing to see how our team is reaching out and bringing joy to the people here.  Something God has been speaking to me about is to keep being bold for Him.  Also, we're not here to just survive, but to remain in Christ and then we'll thrive."

Constanta Team at the Black Sea

Carol shares, "Among all the ministry we have been doing here,working with a girls' home has been the one that touched my heart the most.  It's called "Project Romanian Rescue."  The first time we went there, I got to share the story of Esther and how God used one girl to save her people (the Jews).  While I was telling the story, it was exciting to see all the sparkling eyes of the girls as they listened.  After the story, Elise and Izzy served cookies and we had a tea party.  The girls all wore crowns that Sarah taught them how to make. As we were preparing to leave, one of the girls handed me a note that said 'Te iubesc mult Carolina cu etrof Flori' (In English, 'I love you a lot Carolina, from Flori.').  It was such a blessing to give and receive love!"

Carolina talking to the girls at the tea party

My ministry highlight has been working with a boys' home.  The first time, the girls joined us and we had a large group of kids.  We did a program for them, played games, and got to pray over them.  It really touched my heart to see how several of the boys desired deeper relationships with God.  Our team got to pray over a young boy who needs surgery on his leg.  When he was a toddler, one of his legs stopped growing and now one leg is quite a bit shorter than the other.  Our leader, Nix, has the same problem with her leg.  She was able to offer him hope and to show him that despite the problem with his leg, he can still be a normal little boy.  His face lit up as she talked to him and after praying, he put on his shoes and went running around outside and had so much fun playing with us.  We had the chance to go back to the same home when it was just the boys there and help with some manual labor outside.  When it started to rain, we came inside and had some worship with the boys.  They blessed me and I know they were blessed by us showing them love.
Nix praying for Andre and showing him her leg is the same way

Andre jumping rope and having a lot of fun!
 Please continue to keep our team in your prayers.  May God bless you this coming week!