Tuesday, April 24, 2012

From  Weldon
Hi to everyone checking our blog from Fiji.

I had an interesting experience in the first couple of days of ministry in Lautoka.  We went to the hospital  one evening.  I talked to and prayed for many in the name of Jesus Christ.  I prayed for one man sitting alone and looking rather unhappy.  He said he had a heart problem and a back problem.

The next morning during my quiet time, the Lord brought him to my mind.  I felt God was telling me to go back to talk to him about Jesus.  When I went to see him it was apparent from those with him that he was a Muslim.  I told him I felt that Jesus wanted to save him and asked if I could read him some scriptures from the Bible.

"Are you a Muslim?" I asked.  He said "yes". I told I realized this could be a problem, but asked asked him if I could lead him in a prayer to ask Jesus Christ into his heart and into his life take control.  I led him and he prayed.  His name is Azeez and he and the others were very appreciative.  I did not see him again, but I pray that Jesus will make Himself real to him.

Weldon Louttit

From Rusty
Judy and I prayed over a 9 month old baby, Renisa. She was listless and un-respondive. We prayed, without ceasing until we saw an eye twitch. Her mother, who was Hindu, picked Ranisha up and put her into my arms. What a beautiful baby, she looked up at me with big brown eyes and I knew God had touched this baby with His healing power. Judy and I returned to the hospital the next evening and the mother said "she is good now and has a strong suck at my breast. Glory and honor to our God.



Isabel Nand said...

It is so wonderfully kind of you people to pray for those in need over in Fiji, God bless you all for taking your precious time and attending to those in need.

My wish is to go there and reach out to those who need inner strength, who are walking on dark path, show them that they, are special and worthwhile.