Saturday, April 14, 2012

by Jarrett
The team awaits the train in Cluj to go to Mediaș.

Since we arrived in Mediaș, I've seen our team taking a more serious look at the ministry we are stepping into.  We are looking forward to see what God will do; I see a more peaceful atmosphere at the YWAM campus.  Even though our team separated, I am sure that God is doing something very different to all of us that will deeply change our lives in Christ.

When we first got to Mediaș we met Estera who kindly showed us around.  This place is very different from Chico as well as Cluj.  We happen to be in an area where the houses are very well built. Carlos and Kenzie say they both find the people here very hospitable and enjoy hearing about the history behind Romania. Kenzie says she has more of an idea now of what the people have gone through. Carlos likes that this base has a lot of space, which allows for good quiet times, and the ping-pong table makes him feel at home--like the lodge at our Chico campus.  I see that the children of Romania have really opened up our minds to see more of the world's realities. Seeing the poverty of the gypsy culture in Romania, our team has noticed that even though these people don't have much compared to our lives, they don't look at their lives as a problem to complain about, but as a life to be lived.

Carlos with the Romanian kids

Lately in ministry we have done many activities with the children.  In these activities we have played games, told stories through dramas, made crafts for them to keep, and done some face painting.  From the look of it the children seem to like the face painting best but they seem excited no matter what we are doing.  Anna, who is our ministry coordinator, has done a great job keeping things in order.  We also helped with YWAM Mediaș by inviting people to the church that they planted by passing out invitations and cookies.

The team with the gypsy kids

Shayanne shares, "One of the afternoons we were in a small town giving cookies away and inviting people for church.  As we went along, my group encountered a lady sitting on a bench; when we finished discussing about the church invitations, she started to talk and share her story with us.  I couldn't quite understand what she was trying to say, but the Holy Spirit spoke strongly to my heart that I was supposed to pray for her.  After I shared a little bit about God's love, she started to cry.  She felt very touched by God, and before we left I was able to pray for her.  Definitely on that day God had a divine appointment for us." THANK YOU JESUS!

                                          The team teaching "So good to me" to the gypsy kids.

"You are the most excellent of men and your lips have been anointed with grace, since God has blessed you forever."  Psalm 45:2