Thursday, April 12, 2012

by Sarah

Our team, six students + Nix and Gabi, arrived in Constanța, Romania on Saturday the 7th.  We were tired after a thirteen hour train ride from Cluj, but excited to be in Constanța, our home for the next month.  The base here is spread between several buildings and our 'house' is a five minute walk from the Black Sea.  We settled in quickly and began praying, seeking the Lord for ministry opportunities.
Our team at the Black Sea

Sunday we attended a bilingual church with worship, prayer, and a message in Romanian and English.  At the beginning of the service the pastor began sharing about their evangelism team and how they are looking for people to join in the ministry.  The six of us students all heard from God at that moment and He said "go." After the service we met with them briefly and asked if we could partner with them in their ministry.

Their group does park evangelism, hospital visits, and other outreaches.  We had the opportunity to go out with them on Wednesday and walk around a park sharing with and praying for random people.  We divided into groups of four and each group came back together with testimonies of how God moved.  Germán was blessed by how open the people in the park were.  Carolina says "even though we are in Romania, language wasn't a problem.  I had the opportunity to relate with people and to pray for them."  Sarah was blessed by talking with people about Easter and was able to connect with a young couple who expressed interest in meeting again in the future to talk more.

God provided an open door for conversation.  Here in Romania, they celebrate Easter this coming Sunday (the 15th) and the subject of Easter was a great conversation starter with people in the park.  For example, we asked people how they celebrate Easter, what Easter means to them, if they understand what Easter is, etc.  We will have the chance to work with this church several more times including some hospital visits.  Our team is very excited to do more evangelism as we are called to be a team that walks in the supernatural.  We love to pray for people, call out their treasures (God's value for them), and we fully expect to see God using us in healings and other signs and wonders.

We all heard God speak, (telling us to partner with the church team), and as a result, we were all blessed in different ways.  Other ministry times we have done here in Constanța include: working with a gypsy church, prayer walking through a university campus, worship, and intercession.  We also had the chance to travel to a girls home where we shared the story of Esther and told the girls they have value and they're princesses.  We had a tea party with them and made crowns.  It was a wonderful time of sharing God's love and value with the girls.  Sarah had a chance to pray for one of the girls who was very sick with a fever, she heard very strongly from God "she will be healed."  As Sarah was praying, the girl's temperature began going down and God began healing her fever. It was an incredible prayer experience.
Sarah with the girl she prayed for

Making crowns with the girls

To all of you who celebrated Easter last Sunday, happy late Easter.  To all of you who will celebrate with us this Sunday, happy almost Easter!  May God bless you during this week.