Saturday, January 7, 2012

By Candace Reeves
Dreketi, Fiji

Good afternoon everyone!
I hope all is well. Starting Tuesday this was our last week of ministry in Labasa. That day started out a little tough for our team as we spent it just checking our hearts and having short accounts with each other. We were able to get some things out in the open and we are doing a lot better now and are even more united.

Later our team was treated to lunch in town which we all very much enjoyed. After lunch we got to have some worship in a little grassy area. Following worship our team did another treasure hunt around town. In the evening we visited the hospital again, the men’s, children’s, and women’s ward. Michael C. was able to pray over a man multiple times when he experienced healing in his leg. Michael C. and James also got to pray over another man who experienced a decrease in symptoms of a fever and headache. I know it really means a lot to the patients that we come and see them. Another man thanked us and told us how special it was that we came all the way from America to visit.

In the next few days our team visited some homes, and revisited a home where the family had asked us to come again. Some of us went prayer walking around the neighborhood, praying against darkness and declared things that God was showing them.  We also got to visit a senior citizens home. Our time there was spent doing some cleaning, serving pie and juice, and singing and doing a dance for them. Our team decided to do some deep cleaning here at the base and we did some bus evangelism, where we got to talk to people on the bus and pray for them. I got to pray for a woman who was really going through a hard time. She was really touched by God and kept telling me, “There is a reason God had me sit by her today.” Our team also went to a small Bible study where Jenna and Brittaney shared their chapel talks and we performed a dance we learned here “God is good”, “Masks”, and “Who’s Next?”

And lastly we spent a day planning for our ministry in Dreketi, some of us visited two homes in a poor area with a Pastor at a local church and visited the hospital one last time. Please be praying for us as we will be doing a Youth Day Camp where we will be completely in charge for most of our time here in Dreketi.
Thank you so much!