Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Well, not really….. we're actually closer to San Pedro Sacatepequez but we're way up on a mountain and if it were clear we would probably be able to see for miles.
We left Antigua yesterday, (January 1st) after church and lunch and met up with Stuardo Colom at 3 PM and took the trek over hill and dale through towns and villages and then up the road to the Icthus camp here.  The camp is a Christian Youth Camp designed to handle about 80 kids but this CDTS of 12 (and 3 interpreters are all that are here. 
We're in a chalet style building with 4 bunks rooms, 2 baths and a fireplace.  As we're over 7,000 ft here, the fireplace is a welcome feature.  We no longer have the noise of traffic, business, and fireworks to distract our discussions or sleep and that is very welcome!
We are winding down to last few days of ministry, 5 days and 5 kid's clubs in 5 different locations.  The first one that was scheduled for today at 3 has been postponed to this evening at 6 due to rain (it's been raining all day!).  The location also has been moved from an outdoor area to indoors. 
God is good and this time is a welcome change of pace from the bustle of the city.  We'll be heading back to Chico soon and it is difficult (at least for this writer) to focus on finishing here in Guatemala.  But the kids are precious to God and therefore to us as well and with God's grace we'll finish strong.  We don't have any internet where we're staying so …….
I didn't get the chance to post this yesterday so I'll just add a bit .......  We spent the morning driving to a field about 12 miles from where we're staying to have a Kid's Club for about 50 kids.  We had breakfast at 7 and then drove for about 2 hours (we picked up Manuel along the way in San Juan) arriving to see over 150 kids waiting for us.  It was a wonderful morning; we sang our standard songs, played some games and Tom gave a lesson of each kid's value in God's eyes but it was each child creating their own crown that really lit up their eyes.  We also spent a lot of time talking with, giving hugs, taking photos and sharing the smiles with all the kids.  Right now the ladies of our group are spending the afternoon with the ladies of a church in San Juan.  Fortunately for me there was an internet cafe just across the street.

We'll be in touch!