Monday, January 2, 2012

Testimony by Elizabeth Garcia


Wow! New Years here in Fiji has been quite the experience! I never thought I’d be having a water fight at 12am on New Years, but I also never realized how fun it would be; it was amazing!

This week we helped run a youth camp at a village called Laucala. The staff from the Labasa base were running the camp, but we were all very much involved. We led discussion groups, a purity talk and a few from our team actually taught some sessions.

Leading the purity talk was something totally new for me, but I really enjoyed it. It was great to see the campers asking questions, and they all said it was really helpful for the as they were just at that age of where they needed to make decisions about being pure. That discussion really caused the girls to open up and I felt like for the rest of the week they were so open and honest, it was great to see that!

Being so involved in the camp was really fun for me. I loved making relationships with the girls and being able to answer their questions or just talk to them, it was a great experience!

With only 3 weeks left I’m looking forward to what God is still going to do. I have confidence that He will continue to use each one of us to spread His Kingdom!

See all of you soon!