Sunday, December 25, 2011

Testimony by Jenna Bryson

On Tuesday afternoon we got to go on a treasure hunt. A treasure hunt is where we ask God for clues and then we try to find our treasure (usually a person). I was in a group with Cori and a staff member here at the base named Sikeli. It was really cool because Cori got the clue “supermarket”, so we looked there and I saw this lady in red, whom I felt strongly to go pray for. I went up to her and asked if she had pain in her right knee (that was one of the clues I had), and she did! I prayed for it and then after I asked her if it felt better and she said, “Yes.” I am not convinced that she was telling the truth, but I think it was really cool how God showed me who to pray for. I am still praying for her.

Then later we were talking to an Indian girl and she was telling me how Hinduism and Christianity were the same. I got to explain to her how our God is different and then I got a word from the Lord for her. She seemed really encouraged. Overall it was really awesome how God used us to touch strangers’ lives.