Sunday, December 11, 2011

By Caleb Townley

Wow!  Since the first day this past week God showed up in ways that I don’t think I have ever experienced Him.  Even on our first morning in Vunavutu village, some of us took the preschoolers off to a different building during the teaching session for the older kids.  We were totally unprepared.  But, even though we were unprepared, somehow we managed to get the kids’ names and keep them engaged for 45 minutes!  Which, if you have ever worked with preschoolers, is a miracle.

The next day when we came back from the preschool class, God gave a word of knowledge to Auntie Ru that some people were thinking about committing suicide because they had bad relationships with their fathers.  Two people, a young man and young woman, started weeping.  That, I think, was the most powerful word of knowledge that I have ever watched happen.

Even throughout the week I feel like God blessed me with little things like giving me great sleep even though I slept on a hard wood floor without a mat, and being able to connect with the adults and older teens during the break times.  Sometimes, even with a little bit of a language barrier, I was comfortable enough to start conversations, which was crazy because I was worried the whole time that I might offend someone accidently.  I believe we didn’t, though, because they asked us to stay an extra day to help out with a community Sunday school service.