Tuesday, December 20, 2011

By Michael C.

Last Tuesday we visited a community that is by the dump in Lautoka.  It was interesting to see their lifestyle.  The people pretty much built their houses out of what they could find around them.  We did door to door ministry, and played games and had activities with the children in the community.  The kids loved the activities and games! The people are somewhat open to talk and I got to pray for some of them.  It was fun!  But I did feel bad for the children because some of them may not (be able to) afford all of the schooling that they need.

The next day, we went to a fisherman’s village located near a town called Ba.  It is a nice community.  The men go fishing all day and the women stay back to cook and take care of the kids.  The kids were nice, and we again did some kid’s ministry.  Both kid’s and adults liked it!  We performed a drama, a skit, our puppet show and dance.  I got to play games with the kids, like "Red Light, Green Light", and afterwards we played a game they taught us.  There was also a game of soccer that the older kids started that I got to play in.  It was a lot of fun!