Sunday, December 11, 2011

By Candace Reeves
Lautoka, Fiji

   Bula everyone!

Wow, what a week we had!  First, starting back to last Friday, our team went to again visit some peoples’ homes that attend the local church.  Within the next few days we picked up trash around the hospital near us, and then we were able to take part in a church service for a friend of ours that is the pastor of the local church.  Our program included a drama called “Simon”, Jenna explained the drama, I gave a message and we performed the dance “We speak to nations.”  Immediately after that, we all hopped into a bus to help lead a church service at the prison we had previously visited.  At the prison we performed a drama called “Masks”, Elizabeth explained this drama, Adam spoke on the Father’s heart, our team again did the dance “We speak to nations” and performed a few dances with the Fijians that helped lead with us.

Sunday afternoon our team, along with the YWAM base here in Lautoka left to Vunavutu.  This is a village about an hour and a half away where we led/staffed a kids camp there.  The camp was pretty tough with there being over a hundred kids and more than half of our team got sick in the first few days.  But we pulled through and God got us through that.  We were a part of the staff and led the sports (games/activities) which could be frustrating at times, but I believe we all ended up enjoying it.  I know that God was at work even if we didn’t always see it or the impact that we made.

Saturday, all of us from Lautoka and some people from the village spent the day at the beach near by.  It was the most beautiful beach I have ever been to.  Our last day in Vunavutu was spent leading a youth service with our group from Lautoka where the boys performed a puppet show called “The Joy Stealer”, the dance “We speak to nations” was done again, and “God is good” dance also.  Friday we leave for Labasa (sounds like “Lambasa”) which is on Vanua Levu, the other main island.

Thank you so much for all your prayers!

And please be praying for us on our boat ride to Labasa which will be about 8-10 hours.