Sunday, November 20, 2011

Well, for those of you that don't know the Fall 2011 CDTS (Crossroads Discipleship Training School) from YWAM Chico, CA has arrived in Guatemala!  We all arrived safe and sound here in Antigua very late last night if you didn't change your clock from Pacific time or very early this morning if you changed your clock to Eastern time (Guatemala is on Central Standard Time - same as Chicago)
When we arrived at the base last night, we were assigned our rooms, had a brief orientation of some of the do's and don't's - #1 on the list is "DON'T DRINK THE WATER!"  and all that does is make you thirsty.  I have a feeling my colon will thank me for paying attention this one.
The top priority this morning was to find the coffee pot, find the coffee, find the water and then find the cups, cream and sugar - mission accomplished!
The base here is an open courtyard with rooms opening to it on 2 floors. The roof is like a real big deck where you can see for miles in all directions.  I'm attaching some photos so you can see as well.
looking south (I think)

Looking west

Looking north

Looking east
We're laying low today recovering from all the travel.  Ministry starts tomorrow evening with an English church service and then the rest of the week is VBS (vacation Bible school)