Friday, November 25, 2011

Okay, we got a day off and it happened to be on Thanksgiving Day as celebrated in the US; so what did we do?  We played the role of the typical tourist in Antigua.  But first a report on what we did Wednesday:

Kid's Club - we had about the same turnout Wednesday as we did Tuesday - about 90; there were a lot more mom's for the 2nd day though and fewer kids.  We did some of the same activities but changed it up just a bit; they really loved it.  There is this one song (with motions) where it asks (in Spanish) who is the king of the jungle, sea and heavens and the answer is Jesus but there are some really fun hand motions.  All the kids sing very loudly when we do this song and they demand at least one reprise.

Debbie (translated by Nelita) gave the lesson that Jesus is the good and loving king that wants to love each one of them and be their own personal King.

Wednesday evening, Mark Annand (YWAM staff here) does a soup run for the homeless.  He and a couple of other YWAMer's take a pot of soup (this week it was lentil) and a bunch of tortillas to several locations around the city.  The soup is really secondary to Mark's life mission of being a friend, someone they can trust when they really "need" something.  We gave soup and tortillas to about 25 people.  We were able to pray for a couple of the folks; one man had hurt his hand and foot, and we prayed for healing.

Thursday being our day off, we went to Antigua around noontime and walked up and down the streets.  We broke up into 2 groups and went out separate ways.  We had a great time, only stayed in town about 5 hours but we were all exhausted from all the walking and the intense sun - the elevation here is just over 5,000 feet and we enjoyed clear skies most of the day.

When we got back to the base, I asked Florisita what was for dinner and she informed it was a "¡Sorpresa!" (surprise) and yes, we were greatly surprised with the wonderful meal on our traditional Thanksgiving Day.

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