Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hey everybody!

We spent our Thanksgiving weekend at Gleanings for the Hungry in Dinuba, California cleaning and cutting dried fruit that they send to starving people all over the world. They shared their amazing Thanksgiving meal with us and showed us great hospitality. It was a nice rest from San Francisco. After that we headed down to Vicente Guerrero, Baja and have been serving here for the last week and a half. Last week we stayed at a missions organization called IDT and built a house for a young couple and their two kids. The family included Felipe, 29, Lucia, 20, Jose Felipe, 4, and Joan, 9 months. It was a dream come true for them. They didn’t even know they were getting a house until a few days before we showed up to build it! We did everything from framing walls, roofing, sawing, painting, you name it… During the evenings we did local ministry. One night we took over a complete church service. David shared a message, Holly shared her testimony, and after we performed our skit, Everything, we split up to teach the children’s classes. It is hard to teach a class when most of you don’t speak the same language, but we conquered the challenge and it was awesome, as usual. The next night we went to an extremely poor village to give out rice, beans, and water. We did a little worship, Kaylan gave her testimony, and we prayed with them. We also went to a men’s rehab center where we performed a skit and Marci and David ended up sharing their testimonies. Some of the men shared their testimonies and we got to pray with them. It was awesome being face to face with people who have come out of prison and now have their hearts captivated by Jesus Christ.

We are now staying at a place called The Mission just a few minutes away from where we were staying before. It is an orphanage, so we get to love on the cute little babies and play soccer with the kids. We all love the kids here, they have such amazing attitudes! This place has so many different opportunities for us to serve. They have a large macadamia nut farm where we have helped pull weeds and harvest nuts. They have a bakery where we have been helping use the macadamia nuts in baked goods as a means of making the orphanage some money. Something really unique that is happening this week is that they are putting on a huge play called “Noche en Belen” which is the story of Jesus’ birth to resurrection. Last year it was viewed by 5,000 locals that they bus in to see it. As soon as we got here they recruited us to be in the play. Some of us are wise men, disciples, vendors, or serving hot chocolate between plays. It’s really exciting to be here during this time with all the buzz about the play going around. We will be doing the play Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, so pray that all goes well and the play is a huge success in reaching people with the gospel!