Saturday, December 18, 2010

By Ben Balusek

One part of this outreach that has really impacted me so far was in a little rehab center in Mexico. We showed up to minister at this place one night not knowing what to expect, besides that we were doing a drama and sharing a message with a testimony. It turned out to be a pretty small place with 10 to 15 guys who were all saved from their addictions to drugs and alcohol. These men were real in who they were and they were truly in love with Christ. We were able to minister to them and love them, and they also were able to minister to us. All the men from the rehab sang us songs and many of them gave us their testimonies. One man let me use his guitar for a drama that we performed, after I had forgotten to bring one. Even though I regretted forgetting to bring a guitar, I think God used this to connect me to this man who also played guitar. It was a lot easier for me to connect with him after he let me play his guitar. After a few testimonies, a message and some music, I was able to talk and pray with this man and really encourage him. It was a really cool time of God being able to bless and encourage each of us through each other. I remember him telling me, "You are a great guitarist Benjamin, and you will be the best one day if you keep doing it for God". It was truly a blessing to be able to speak and pray into his life, and receive the same thing from him. We went to bless these men, and we did, but I really feel like I was equally or even more blessed back from them. It seems like God always does things differently than I tend to expect.


reasons... said...

That is AWESOME!! And also: Yes, He sure does:-) Way to go Ben-Bot!!