Thursday, December 23, 2010

The house we built was for the Perez-Espinoza family above.

By Bill Hall

Have you ever been desperate enough for something that you ended up falling for something that got you in more trouble?  That's what I found out has happened to the Oaxacan (pronounced Wahawken) people we met and ministered to in the Baja.  Indigenous to the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, they were promised a home and good wages to work for a wealthy landowner who provided transportation to the lowlands of Baja, Mexico. They were given some wood and some cardboard to build a house, and are paid with a check that can only be used at the company store with outrageous prices, so they keep getting further into debt.  When they realize their mistake and want to leave, they owe so much money that they can't, and couldn't afford transportation home anyway.  There seems no hope when you owe your soul to the company store.  And I thought slavery was no more! Uh Huh. 
     Praise God, though I don't know how they do it, there are some who are manage to save a little money, enough to buy a tiny piece of property on credit. It's a place to call their own, but it has no power, sewer or water. While we were at the IDT Base in Vicente Guerrero, Baja Ca, Mexico, we (The DTS & CDTS) Team were able to build a 24x24 ft house with 3 rms.  (walls, siding & roof, on a concrete pad).  Their old home was some wood & cardboard, 2 rooms on a dirt floor. We were also able to give them a prefab outhouse, and we painted it to match the house. Most people in the country have outhouses.  After they moved in to the new house, some of their extended family was going to move into the old one.  Even with the new house it wasn't much by our standards, but they were delighted.  It was such a blessing to bless them.  I was very disappointed to learn the people are still being enslaved in this day and age, and so glad that we could partner with God to bring hope to one family.  They are new Christians, being discipled by a local pastor, and will be a real testimony of God's goodness to their friends, family and neighbors.