Sunday, December 19, 2010

By Kaylan Keith

When we were at the orphanage in Vicente Guerrero for a week I got to work in the nursery twice. With one other person each day I helped watch five babies: Elias, Sebastian, Lucy, Leah, and Juanito. There’s just something about the babies down there. They are so sweet and easy to handle. Of course, any baby has his moments, but overall they were amazing. I had a dream about Lucy a couple of months before I saw her. The dream was just of a baby with huge brown eyes and when I saw her I knew it was her. I asked about the babies’ parents and it turned out that most of them had one or both parents that were in prison or lost in their addictions. It is heartbreaking to see such great and beautiful kids in that kind of situation. It is so easy to get attached to them when they have no reservations about the love they give to you. My times in the nursery were win-win because they needed love and I loved to give it.


reasons... said...

That is amazing!! Kaylan, what a blessing you were to those sweet babes. I am sure they were so blessed by you loving on them. And what hearbreaking stories. Yet God has a plan and a goal for them and you loving on them definately was a gift to these precious ones!!! I love you, keep up the great work!!! <3