Friday, December 24, 2010

By Holly Williams

During my time in Vicente Guerrero, Baja Mexico, I broke my braces. Twice. I went to the orthodontist in town and I was borrowing money to pay him. When I asked him to cut off the piece that was broken, he refused, saying that he didn't want to set my braces journey back a few steps. He wanted to re-cement the pieces and he asked me to come back at the end of his day. He did a great job on my mouth and while I was in his office, he asked me why I was in that area of the Baja. I explained that I was working with a house-building ministry and the orphanage in that town. He got excited and told me that he used to be involved with Youth With A Mission in Tijuana. I told him that I was part of a DTS that was on outreach and we both shared some YWAM stories. We also shared a little of our testimonies. I think that he was really encouraged by seeing God moving in someone's life. I was very encouraged by our conversation. Not only that, but he insisted that I wouldn't pay him though he worked for about an hour on my braces. It was definitely a divine appointment.**