Thursday, November 25, 2010

San Francisco was an intense place to start our outreach. Several of us were stretched out of our comfort zone from the very beginning. Our ministry focus was toward the homeless. The YWAM campus we stayed at was right across from Glide church which hands out free meals every day, so there were always tons of homeless people lined up on the street. YWAM San Francisco’s Ellis Room is open to the public from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm where people from the streets could come play pool and have a place to relax where they don’t have to constantly be on their guard. Monday and Tuesday a few of us worked in that room just talking, playing games, and praying with them. One afternoon we picked a spot on Market Street and played worship songs. Ben played guitar and sang, David played the djembe, and Carlos played his saxophone. That attracted attention from lots of people and one girl from France even joined in with her flute which led to an opportunity to pray for her. We went on prayer walks where we would approach whoever God pointed out to us and ask if we could pray with them. We went to Haight Ashbury to do a ministry where we took a bag lunch for ourselves and an extra one for someone else that we wanted to reach out to in hopes to eat, talk, and pray with them. Each night we walked around the Tenderloin district offering free hot chocolate. Several of us loved the way this worked out because it was a cool conversation starter and if they didn’t want to talk it was a good way to bless them anyway. A lot of times they are starving for conversation so they are just thrilled that someone would stop and listen to them. It’s so interesting, and sometimes heart-breaking, to hear their stories and how they got to where they are now. From listening to their stories we learned that a majority of them had loved ones die and they just lost it. A woman named Tanya who was wandering around holding her mother’s ashes didn’t want any hot chocolate, she just wanted prayer for her health, happiness, and her 9 kids. That same night a few members of our team asked a man named Lee if he wanted some hot chocolate. He was experiencing the manifestation of the Holy Spirit and said he was being blessed already. Overall, it was a great outreach stop! We were blessed to be blessings and bring the light into the darkness. =]