Saturday, March 31, 2007

We arrived in Nadi, Fiji early on Monday morning and have spent the week finding our way around the town and getting to know people in the church we're going to be working with while we're here in Nadi - Emmanuel Worship Centre. It is a lively,spirit-filled church and we are looking forward to working with, learning from and encouraging them over the next four weeks.

Highlights of the week:
(1) a group of us went to help a family whose house was flooded during the heavy rains, cleaning out the remaining water and cleaning the muddy floors. We won't be complaining about our accommodation anymore!

(2) three of our group visited a local women's shelter in Navakai, one of the poorest areas in Nadi, where the church runs a weekly Bible study group. The team shared their testimonies and prayed with the small group members, including a mother and son who both committed their lives to Jesus. We are hoping to go back there next week.

(3) a group of us visited a older widow in the church and did some gardening for her with one other church member - she had been praying for help for several weeks, because the grass was getting very long. She cooked a wonderful lunch for us, including pumpkin curry, banana bread, and lemon-grass tea - delicious!

(4) we visited another woman in the church and were able to talk with her nephew who was staying with her. He accepted Jesus into his life and then we prayed that God would give him the skills to find a job soon as he was unemployed. The next day, he was called and offered a job!

(5) we have also been spending time with some of the prostitutes and other people that hang around on the main road near our hotel at night, just showing that we care about them and telling them the good news about Jesus. These are vulnerable people who do not want to be where they are. Most of them are receptive to the message and we have prayed with many of them.

(6) we went to our first Sunday service at the Emmanuel Worship Centre. The children did a great puppet sketch and also played a worship song they have been practising - to great applause from the Fijians. Rob preached his first message here on family roles and how parents can provide spiritual protection for their children. All the families in the church came up for prayer at the end of the service and the whole team were involved in minstering to them.

(7) we have also been planning various events, including the Good Friday service, a men's ministry, and an open day on Easter Monday (including 6-a-side touch rugby tournament and street fair), which is aimed at reaching out to people in the local neigbourhood. Please pray these events go well.

More news next week...
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