Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19, 2010

Dear loved ones,

Here we are in Fiji- ministering to the lost and seeking the heart of God in this country, wherever our feet go! May God bless you with His grace and peace as you read this letter today.

So far, it’s been 2 weeks that we have been here. There are many changes in Fiji since the last time I was here (6 years ago). The city of Nadi has developed, with numerous businesses and hotels. It gives me mixed feelings. For one, it is great to see the island growing and changing. But it cautions me to hear the heartbeat of God for the Fijian people that they would not be swept up in the commercialism of the West but maintain the simplicity and kindness of their land and culture.

It is a land of beauty and life! I love Fiji so much! They have much to offer as a people and it feels as though things are just getting started.

Praise God, there are many people being raised up as missionaries in Fiji. At the YWAM base we have been staying at there are several people heading out to the nations. One friend, Marika, goes to China at the end of the month. Another YWAM staff person is going to India. (Please pray for their financial and visa needs as they go out). The DTS from YWAM Vunayasi is headed to Suva and the Yasawa Islands here in Fiji for their outreach.

Three weeks ago, while our team was at Gleanings for the Hungry in Sultana, CA, I heard a guest speaker share. He is the base leader of a YWAM facility in South India. It was encouraging hearing what he had to share and challenging also. It behooved me to continue praying for God’s work among East Indians. I also felt that we were to pray specifically for salvation among the East Indians here in Fiji, which make up almost half of the population. The first time the team went out in groups of three to talk with people, two weeks ago; I stayed back with our kids and prayed. I felt to pray for them to meet individuals with whom it would be a “kairos moment”- type of meeting. When the team came back and shared they said they had a conversation with a young Indian man named Sunjay. We feel that he is close to coming to know the Lord. We also looked through the intercession journal recently and saw that Brad, Jake, and Minsoo had received Sunjay’s name in prayer weeks before in Chico. “Lord, continue to reveal Who you are to this man and raise him up to be your disciple, we pray.”

YWAM Chico, thank you for the scriptures and words you shared with us via e-mail. It came right on time! I was feeling fear and worry over traveling to Vanua Levu with the girls because it will be a long day of traveling and I feared that I couldn’t make it. Someone in Chico gave Jake and I the word, “Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile,” (found in Matthew 5). I knew God was saying that we/I could make it, by His grace and His strength and through the help of others on the team. I know I am to daily lean on the Lord and seek His strength, for He gives daily bread to those who seek Him. Amen!

Speaking of the girls, they are doing well. It has been an adjustment with sleep, mosquitoes, and the heat, but overall we love it here. Kiera and Julianna are loved on by everyone. The Fijians will come and just take the baby and carry her around to show her to other people! We had Kiera’s third birthday party at Mama’s pizza in Nadi-town one week early. We are traveling to Lambasa, on the other island, this Wednesday, the 21st, which is her actual birthday. Kiera was so blessed to have her birthday party with our DTS team. You could see on her face how special and loved she felt. She got a princess outfit from her Auntie April, “princess” heeled dress shoes, and her ears pierced! She looks very pretty. Julianna is a big 6- month old! She is making more baby-talk sounds and laughs a lot- what a little cutie- we are enjoying her so much. She swam in a pool for the first time over the weekend.

Well, we feel at home here and are adjusting well after 3 weeks on the road. If you would have told me that I would be having my daughter’s third birthday party at a place I went to on my DTS outreach, nine years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you, especially if you told me I’d be married to Jake too! Ha-ha!

God is so good and His mercy endures always. We will write again in a couple weeks. This week we are going to Lambasa, spending 10 days there, and spending 10 days after that in Dreketi. Our friend Marika will guide us there, before he leaves for China. I had one of the best weeks of my life in Dreketi during my DTS in 2001. We are going to minister with the same Anglican church, with Pastor Henry Bull. It is so exciting to go there again! Also, the YWAM base in Lambasa is a new one. The woman who runs it is named Gi. I prayed with her and Va, in 2001, about the future of YWAM. It is good to see God answer those prayers. I will be blessed to see her again.

We also have a friend in Suva, Joan McGoon that we hope to connect with.

Please pray for us as we travel over the next few days. It is a four hour bus ride and 4 hour ferry boat ride to Lambasa. Pray that the girls would adjust well and we would have grace in dealing with the heat and lack of sleep (Julianna is a light sleeper and she is teething). Thank you. We hope to share much more good news from here with you. God bless your remaining month of April.

With love, The Findleys