Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bula from Labasa! 

We are nearing the end of our stay here in Labasa after a week of ministry.  We have been welcomed with open arms and amazing food here at YWAM Labasa. Our week has been busy with all kinds of ministry including: door-to-door, prison evangelism, children’s ministry, leading home cell groups, hospital ministry and church ministry.
A few members of our team were able to go to a place called Baily’s Welfare where they packed groceries to meet the needs of some people in the community, and the rest of us went to an old people’s home where we had a lot of fun, to say the least.  Most of the elderly could not speak English so we spent time singing and sitting with them.  One lady decided to give her life to the Lord and it was so neat to see God at work in the lives of these people.

From DTS & CDTS Outreach
Cynthia – We spent time offering to pray with the elderly. I had the privilege of sitting with a Hindi lady in her 80’s. I prayed with her in English for a time, but she only spoke Hindi, so I knew she could not understand. I was believing that God would work beyond the language barrier. I started to pray in my spiritual language and noticed that she was nodding often while I was speaking. I know that God had given me a different language for that particular moment with this lady, though I cannot say if she understood anything, but I knew God was there. Afterwards, I got one of our Fijian friends who spoke Hindi to translate the things I had been praying for her. One of the things was that I had felt, was   that she had been forgotten, that she had no hope. As I told him this, his eyes widened and he told me that while I was speaking this to him, she had just said the exact same thing to him in Hindi! Well, this lovely lady had been searching for many years, waiting for someone to come and tell her about the Jesus she had once heard about while she was young. We had the honor of leading her, to finally, meet the Lord and break down all the walls of the many gods she had grown up with. She said that NOW, she has hope!

Our team also led the whole Sunday morning service at COC (Christian Outreach Center) which is the church we have been working with.  It was a lovely Sunday morning with worship, testimonies, dramas, communion, prayer and Michelle bringing the message.  It was absolutely incredible to see members of our team reaching out and praying for different individuals from the church, sharing with them what we have been practicing and learning all throughout DTS.  It is just amazing to see the changes God has made in every individual on our team. 

We spent two days reaching out in the men’s prison.  The first day was on Saturday, and we spent the morning leading a bible study with men who had already made the decision to accept Jesus into their lives.  It was so powerful to sit with them, sing with them, and share with them.  You can definitely see the work God has done among some of these men.  We went back again on Wednesday afternoon and had more of an evangelism focused time, where we ministered to men who did not have a personal relationship with Christ. Near the end, Denis (who was sharing the message) invited anyone who wanted prayer or to accept Jesus as their Lord to come to the front.  Several men came forward to ask for prayer and to accept Jesus into their lives.  Praise the Lord!

From DTS & CDTS Outreach
As a team we have also been able to work along side the Labasa DTS during children’s ministry and hospital ministry.  We spent one afternoon in groups going through the hospital and praying for patients.  It was a really neat experience to have the freedom to minister to the patients in need of healing as well as their families. 

From DTS & CDTS Outreach
We have had a lot of fun here in Labasa ministering, evangelizing, and creating more relationships with the Fijian people.  Our team has also had time in the evenings to worship and fellowship with the staff and students here at YWAM Labasa and once again God has blessed our team with wonderful friendships. 

We will be leaving Labasa Friday, April 30th for the village of Dreketi where we will spend 10 days before heading back to Lautoka.  Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.  We are excited to see how God will continue to work in and through our lives to reach out to the Fijian people! It is always an adventure with God! 

YWAM Chico, Winter DTS via Labasa