Thursday, January 14, 2010

This will be the final blog entry ( at least in Fiji). We are currently preparing to head back to the U.S.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning we did some house to house around the PTC neighborhood to tell them about the kid's program that we were going to have in Simla housing on Thursday, and to visit and pray with them if they were available. During this time Chick and Lynda met up with a girl that had been cutting herself. It's too bad that problems that have been plaguing U.S. teens for years have spread to other countries. One of the days Dan and Robin had an interesting conversation with a Buddhist lady who's son-in-law is from the Grand Rapids, Michigan area just like they are. What a small world. In the afternoons we did kid's programs for the kids of the staff of a local prison. They live in housing right outside the prison. In the evenings we got a chance to hang out with Tony, Laisa, and Bui the staff of the PTC that stayed during the break to work with us and show us great hospitality.

Thursday we did the kid's program In Simla housing, which looks like a low income apartment style housing. We had the regular clowns and games. This was our last scheduled day of ministry.

Robin and Lynda were both sick on Wednesday and Thursday. Both were running fevers and had other intestinal problems. Three of the Derusha kids had strep throat.

Friday the staff of the PTC were preparing a love feast for us, so we had to vacate the house for a while in the afternoon. We went and visited a place called The Garden of the Sleeping Giant. It was a beautiful place full of orchids and other exotic foliage. We all had a good time.

Saturday was moving day. We moved back to Nadi for a few days before we left. It was hard to say goodbye to the staff even though we had only been there for two weeks. We spent the morning packing and cleaning up. We returned in the afternoon, and had a relaxing time for the rest of the day.

Sunday was our last day of worshiping with EWC. We had an amazing time with them. We love them all so much. Frank gave a message on God writing His story on our hearts, we are living epistles. Afterwards we went to Pastor Paula's house for a special dinner that members of the church prepared. As we were leaving, the “wetting”, a Fijian New Years tradition, was beginning. Mostly Robin and Lynda got wet.

Monday was a fun day that Bill had planned for us just before we left Fiji. It was a short sailboat ride to another small island that we could snorkel and swim or just relax at. Some of our team felt that it was good to see the other side of Fiji. This was definitely the tourist side, and what people associate with Fiji. They did a kava ceremony right in the boat, and invited all the people to join in. Of course most of the tourists that went on the boat joined in since they knew nothing of the spiritual side of the kava drinking. Unfortunately Dan and Caleb had to stay back at the hotel because Caleb was sick.

Tuesday was packing day and our final day in beautiful Fiji. We were sent off by some of the people from EWC. It was very sad to say goodbye to all of our new friends that we me there. Our flight left at 10:50 PM on Tuesday and we landed in Sacramento, after a 4 hour layover in L.A., at 6:50 PM on Tuesday, 4 hours before we left. We were very tired, and ready for a good nights sleep.

Well I started this post in Fiji, but I finally finished it here in Chico. We are completely amazed at how awesome God is. We had an incredible outreach. God did amazing things and we were glad that we got to tag along for the ride. I will try and and do one more post about what each of the team members future plans are, but some might not know yet. Thank you to all who have shared this journey with us. We certainly couldn't have done this without your support in many areas. All of us continue to covet your prayers as we finish up here in Chico and move out into what God is calling us to do. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts, and may God bless each and every one of you.