Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Monday we started off with worship and were joined by a DTS team from Kona, Hawaii. We spent some time praising God with songs and then breaking into groups to introduce ourselves to intercede for the leadership of Fiji, all the way down to the leaders of our classes. Later in the morning we met up with them at a low income housing area outside of Lautoka called Koroipita. Our team went house to house to pray with the people that lived there, while the Kona team did a kid's program. Dan and Robin visited four families there who were all Christians. Chick and one of the locals named Laisa visited a five families as well, and lead a Hindi lady to Christ. Laisa gave the lady her personal bible. They were both so excited. Lynda spent some time watching the Kona team do their kid's program to get some more ideas about what to do for our kid's program. Frank, Caleb D., and another local girl named Bui visited some homes as well. Denise and the rest of the Derusha kids watched the program as well.

Tuesday we returned to Koroipita and reversed roles. We did the kid's program and the Kona team went house to house.

Wednesday just our team returned there again and did some follow-up visits with some of the families that we visited before.

Thursday, New Years Eve, in the morning we met up with the DTS from Chico and did some clean up at a local old people's home. The guys did some yard work, while the ladies worked inside. Later in the evening we went back and joined them for an end of year service. What a blessing to spend time with the staff and residents. We threatened to leave Bill there, but we decided to give him some grace.

Friday was New Years Day. We joined together with the DTS from Chico and from Kona and went to a popular beach for the day. It was wonderful! The beach was crowded, but we had an enjoyable time throwing each other in the ocean. That is the Fijian custom on New Years. Everyone gets wet, most of the time involuntarily. We all went home very tired and lightly toasted.

Saturday our schedule got mixed up, and we ended up having another free day. Dan spent most of the day preparing for the message he was going to speak on Sunday.

Sunday we worshiped at Christian Renewal Fellowship. We spent some time in praise and a had a couple of testimonies from some of the church members. We were introduced and then Dan spoke a message from 1 Corinthian 3:5-9, speaking on the power of God. He was anointed by God and was able to get past his fear of public speaking and give a clear message. He incorporated testimonies from all of our team members as well.

We continue to be amazed at how God works through our infirmities and accomplishes things despite us. He is doing great things here, and we have the privilege of being a part of it.