Saturday, May 9, 2009

It has been an amazing week, yet it has been very different without our leaders. We missed them and it was like part of our family was gone. We ask that you continue to lift them up in prayer as they walk through this season in their lives. We are blessed to have an amazing team here at the Antigua Base. They have done well with the adjustment of us being here instead of heading to Guatemala City. Dale Harrison the Chico Base Leader is here right now with a new facilitator to carry us through the remainder of the outreach. His name is Bill and He was visiting from Kona and he agreed to join us. He has been here in Guatemala and is fluent in Spanish. He is going to be a great fit. We've loaded ten new pictures for you to look at and see the work that God is doing in us...or us in of those ways...maybe both...yay...both, yet first We want you to read a testimony from Beatrice. Hope you enjoy. Sorry I wasn't able to do two posts this is just a little busy for two blogs a week at this time....thanks for your understanding, prayers and grace. Beatrice testimony:

During the first week of our outreach I made an interesting experience that gave me a new point of view for things we do during outreach. Many of our activities are just short. We meet people only once or during a short time. So on Tuesday afternoon. We visited a place called “cabezitas de algodon” (cotton heads) where we spent more or less an hour with old people living there. We didn’t even have a song prepared. So we just went around and talked to some of the older women and men, sitting in the courtyard. The oldest lady was 103. I talked with Mrs. Timotea (she cannot hear anymore), with Mrs. Maria -Elena, with Mr. Hector, with Mr. Francisco and with another man. I had the impression that we couldn’t do much in this time. But one of the men, who started to tell me his whole life-story, said to me when we were about to leave, that we had brought much joy to them. “Today joy has arrived to this house through your visit”, was Mr. Hector’s comment. I was quite surprised to hear that. And it made me change my opinion about short visits.

We pioneered a new relationship with a Christian School here this week. The name of the school is; Good Samaritan Christian School. The principal Magda gave us a testimony that she had really good funding from some Germans and Canadians but they asked her not to do any Christian dramas or teachings in the schools and she refused and was trusting God and He has continued to provide.
We taught the kids the Lord's Prayer and the picture they are coloring is of a child praying
Songs with the children at Good Samaritan. The teacher in the white is Victoria
The woman know what they are doing....I'm still kind of confused about all this...and still haven't figured out all the songs.
See here we are again...what's up?
This is a set of pictures from Hope Haven. Hope Haven is an amazing ministry that builds wheelchairs and sends them to kids and people who can't afford them...all over the world. They have delivered over 75,000 wheelchairs and currently have logged over one million volunteer hours to this date. Prisoners in South Dekota prisons work at building these chairs along with several other plants. You can get them on the web at www. We spent most of the day re-arranging a where house. There was so much dust from all the work and it was one of the hardest labor intense days for the team...we all slept really good that night. It was so incridible because as we were working a group came in for wheel chairs and we got to be part of that.
Kathy and Beatrice working with a girl that was being fitted for a chair.
Most of the people that work at Hope Haven are handicapped....if you would call it that. I worked all day with my new friend Carlos...there isn't a picture here....but he lost both of his legs...they got chopped off in a train accident. We were moving these 15 foot shelves in the where house and we were moving stuff on the top shelves and I look up and there is Carlos on the top of the racks handing me things on the ground. He has two prostectic legs. I'm serious....I didn't outwork Carlos that day! You can see videos on U-Tube.
This is Mary....We painted her apartment for her....she was so grateful...she's a missionary here in Guatemala....see before and after pictures.