Sunday, May 3, 2009

Greetings from the team. It has been an amazing week, yet it has been one of those weeks that have not only stretched us and our hearts but one of those weeks when trials and tribulations come. We ask you to remember our leaders James and Dawn and their family as they face another huge family trial this week. Last night they found out that Dawn's dad had passed away. This news coming only two months of James losing his dad. This is a lot to walk through for anyone...especially kids. Please remember to lift them up in prayer as they go back to Canada to be with family. They have been amazing leaders...good enough that they have showed us that we can stay and continue to do what we were brought here to won't be the same without them...they are already missed...
We've loaded ten new pictures and some testimonies. I'm going to try to do two blogs a week now to keep our leaders and you all updated on what God is doing.
We got to do a little walking on the way back from the lake...The van got a little hot with all of us in it...the hills are so steep it is a lot of work and the van was having a little problem...I think the problem was Matthew's (speedy's) weight....or it could have been James and I.
This is Nick's Place Restaurant in San Pedro. This was our day off. We spent the morning at Panajachel. This is about three blocks from our hotel. It was a great day of relaxing and team fellowship
Kathy, Beatrice and Cheryl shopping....this happens every time we are not doing some ministry...I'm really glad for this....they keep me in chocolate....good team yay?
This is Betty...Pastor Efraim's wife. We worked together with them, they live in San Pablo. There are seventeen towns on the lake. Betty runs an health care ministry out of their house. She has an amazing testimony and she has cancer. We prayed for her twice while we were there, but she got some reports back from the doctors and well it wasn't good news. Please remember to pray for her and their ministry that they do. We are going to put in some testimonies and this is Cheryl's testimony: A week full on new experiences! It's hard to choose only one highlight. Going to a refugee camp and spending time with kids and combing and doing the girls hair was a privilege. The most memorable time for me was spending time with Pastor Efraim and His wife, Betty. They are a couple with some very real needs themselves, but they give and give and give to those who have nothing. It was a blessing to share a bit with them, pray for them and go with Betty on one of her visits to an elderly woman's home. We were able to buy a towel and some groceries for this woman and her handicapped daughter.
This is a family that City Light Church in Chico California will be building a new house for. Bruce with the YWAM Team here in Antigua will be leading this project up. Five people live in this shack. We can make a difference one family at a time.
From left to right starting in the back: Jessica, James and Greg. Next row...Kaitlyn, Dawn, Beatrice, Kathy and Bruce the Base leader of Antigua YWAM Base. Next row...Matthew (Speedy), Pedro and Pastor Antonio(an amazing pastor that is doing amazing work in San Pablo and the area around the lake) Cheryl.

This was the refugee camp that we went to on Friday. Kathy gives Testimony: For me, seeing the people out in the remote villages and working closely with them has given me a new reality for this verse:

Romans 8:18

“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.” I had read this verse many times, memorized it and thought that I understood it. Now I see that these people are living it.

Doing the girls hair in the refugee camp
This is a stove that the families can get for free if they do the training program. There is 6 people I counted living in this house. That is...if they were all there...they probably weren't all there.


James & Dawn said...

Keep it up... you are doing a great work and God is moving mightly in and through your lives. It's been a tough week for us here, but grateful we could be with our family and we know we are being carried by the Lord.