Friday, May 15, 2009

Hello family and friends, In Proverbs chapter 4 it says that "above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life" I always thought that this meant we should be protective of our heart to keep it pure and protect if from being hurt. Over the last two weeks I've learned new things about this passage of scripture. See every night we come home from doing outreach with the kids I think about the events of the day and tears come to my eyes when I'm thinking of the starving children that are in the first set of pictures and the orphans and the kids that come to the kids club and schools we go into. The kids that don't have fathers or a concrete floor. And in coming home I ask God how do I protect my heart from being hurt or broken when these things are going on? I felt God say to me this week..."this is protecting your heart, don't harden your heart against the needs you see here don't quit feeling what I feel every day for these children of mine...this is protecting your heart....this is a pure heart that beats with mine." We all love these kids so much...we will never be the same and I think that is God's work in never leave us the same.....when you encounter needs like we have encounter God in a new way. The gospel awaits new discover in the open places we leave in our hearts. Jesus today is more amazing than yesterday, because our hearts are more open today than in the past. We are putting up 19 new pictures for you to enjoy and we are headed to Guatemala City today until the 25th of May. We then will return here to Antigua for one more week of outreach then debrief. Please continue to keep James and Dawn and the family in your prayers. Our new facilitator; Bill has fit right in. Things are going as smooth as they have and should when you have a team that is united and moves as one as God has allowed us. I do want to apologize for any misspelled words, I can't seem to get the spell checker to work and spelling isn't one of my stronger skills.
Jackson House Malnutrition Center. This is Jose Luis. We has shown pictures of him to the world in the past. He is still in the center. When I fed him I had to force feed him because he is use to starving and hasn't adjusted to eating yet. I think we are still friends though even though he was pretty mad when I was holding him down shoving food down his throat.
Jackson House Malnutrition Center. This is Antonio.
The Jackson House Malnutrition Center. Kathy is holding Ingrid; Ingrid came in from the field outreach that we did a few weeks ago. These are children that this project is stealing from the grave. They are almost dead when they get them and bring them in. Cheryl is holding Eddy; Eddy is 20 months old....and Bill our new facilitator is holding Dulce; Dulce means sweet in Spanish and she is....she is 13 months old.
Jesse and her husband Edwin are new staff at the Antigua Base. A great asset to the ministry. Jesse is holding Jose Luis and Antonio.
Jackson House Malnutrition Center. Beatrice is holding Glendy; Glendy is 4 months old.
Our second outreach to the Good Samaritan School. We are building relationships there in the schools with the kids and staff. We are welcome to come any time now day or afternoon.
Good Samaritan School arts and crafts with the teachers and students
This is one of the teachers and students at Good Samaritan School. The name of the teacher is Carmen....very good teachers here at this school.
Good Samaritan School outreach. This is the amazing Edwin and Bill holding the curtain for Beatrice and Cheryl and Kathy while they do the puppet show.
We can dance!
Cheryl and Mandy doing kids club at the base. We do this on Saturdays. Mandy is a missionary with the International Missionary Board; another missionary organization that we are building relationship with. Another missionary woman by the name of Kendall was with Mandy. Kids Club at the Antigua Base
Kids Club, This is Kendall working with the children.
Mandy, Kathy and Cheryl working with the kids club at the Antigua Base
Seeds of Hope Orphanage. We completed the painting of the outside.
Bill, Cheryl and Kathy doing a third coat on the Seeds of Hope Orphanage
Beatrice, Cheryl and Kathy riding in the back of the Truck into Antigua.
I love them glasses Marianne