Friday, April 24, 2009

We had another full week of ministry. The kids continue to break our hearts and there is not any shortage of opportunities for ministry. We've been in Hospitals, schools and way out up in the mountains of Guatemala loving on people all week. We've uploaded 7 new pictures with captions under them to tell you a little of what God has been allowing us to do with Him.
This is the Jackson House Team, A few from the health clinic and of course part of our team that went out into the field up in the hills of Guatemala on Thursday. This was an all day outreach and a huge adventure.
During the break at our field outreach we had to do a little playing with the kids.
After the kids were weighed and got their shots we handed out formula and information on malnutrition. Malnutrition is a education issue as well as a poverty issue.
The kids are measured and weighed to see if they are suffering from malnutrition. Some of them don't care for this to much.
Clown skit at one of the schools this week...amazing program that takes kids from the streets and puts them into schools. We have information how you can directly sponsor and adopt one of these kids and put them through school.
Another outreach for malnutrition center in the villages.
This is Hamano Pedro Hospital. We've been their a few times and were not able to get pictures.....but because of establishing a relationship with them now we were able to take a few pics. This place breaks your heart. These kids are well taken care of...but don't get enough attention.