Thursday, May 3, 2007

This was our last week in Nadi and time to say goodbye to our new friends there before moving on to Lautoka. Special greetings to the Guatemala team and we look forward to your next update. Where are you at the moment?

Highlights of the week:

(1) One of our team was invited to present a series of seminars on conflict resolution to the staff of one of the large resorts near Nadi through a contact at the church we have been working with here. This was a real opportunity to bring Biblical principles into a business setting and to address racial discrimination and other sensitive issues. The staff responded enthusiastically and she has been invited to come back to provide further training. She also had an opportunity to minister directly to some of the hotel guests and enjoy two nights of luxury at the resort.

(2) Another of our team members has been teaching local women in Navakai to make Fijian dolls out of local materials. They have prepared several prototypes - one in traditional Fijian dress and one in Indian attire - which we are hoping can be sold at local hotel shops to provide a well-needed additional source of income for this community. Orders are already coming in thick and fast from team members. Please pray that this new micro-business will be a success.

(3) Team members made two visits to Nadi hospital this week. We prayed for one young man who had fallen out of a mango tree and couldn't move one of his legs as a result of a ruptured disc. After he was prayed for, he started to move his legs and was discharged from hospital two days later! We also drove him home and were able to share the gospel with his whole family. Another patient in the same ward and his wife, who saw what happened, gave their lives to the Lord.

(4) One of our team leaders went back to Navakai and was able to pray for an older Indian women who had pains in her back and shoulders. Through prayer, she was saved, healed and delivered from demons, as Jesus promised in the Bible (Mk 16:15-18). The pastor has since visited the woman and her whole family became Christians and they have asked to be baptised next Sunday. We have been really struck by the openness of this Indian community in particular and how God has been moving powerfully in this area in response to their faith.

(5) On Thursday, the Emmanuel Worship Centre prepared a wonderful Fijian feast to say thank you and farewell to our team. The chicken, fish, and vegetables were all cooked in traditional Fijian fashion with hot stones buried in the ground and lined with banana leaves. Thank you for making us feel so welcome during our short stay.